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Happy 1st Heartversary!

It’s your 1st Heartversary!

One year ago, on July 5th, 2019, daddy and I were anxiously waiting for your surgery to be over. The wait seemed like an eternity. We fasted, we prayed, we cried, we waited. The wait was the hardest of all. We watched the team of doctors and nurses wheel you away. We kissed you and told you we'd "see you later".

I discharged from the hospital on July 4th. I was supposed to go home and “rest” from my c-section. I did none of that. Our night was filled with prayers, tears, and calling the hospital every hour just to check on you. At 7 am we were back at the hospital for your 8 am surgery. It didn't end until 3:30 that afternoon.

You see, you were a special case. Your Norwood was prolonged because your BT shunt had to be placed differently. They took more time to ensure that the placement would work; to make sure that all would be well. When your surgery was over they kept you in the operating room for a few more hours to ensure your stability. When we finally saw you around 6 pm it was the hardest sight of my life.

I didn’t want to leave your side.

I couldn’t cry. I don't even remember the doctor’s words. It was all just so much to process. But your first open heart surgery was the start of a long 8-week hospital stay. We made it! You Made it! Birthdays will always be celebrated and so will this day!

Happy Heartversary my Prince!

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