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It’s your 1st Heartversary!

One year ago, on July 5th, 2019, daddy and I were anxiously waiting for your surgery to be over. The wait seemed like an eternity. We fasted, we prayed, we cried, we waited. The wait was the hardest of all. We watched the team of doctors and nurses wheel you away. We kissed you and told you we'd "see you later".

I discharged from the hospital on July 4th. I was supposed to go home and “rest” from my c-section. I did none of that. Our night was filled with prayers, tears, and calling the hospital every hour just to check on you. At 7 am we were back at the hospital for your 8 am surgery. It didn't end until 3:30 that afternoon.

You see, you were a special case. Your Norwood was prolonged because your BT shunt had to be placed differently. They took more time to ensure that the placement would work; to make sure that all would be well. When your surgery was over they kept you in the operating room for a few more hours to ensure your stability. When we finally saw you around 6 pm it was the hardest sight of my life.

I didn’t want to leave your side.

I couldn’t cry. I don't even remember the doctor’s words. It was all just so much to process. But your first open heart surgery was the start of a long 8-week hospital stay. We made it! You Made it! Birthdays will always be celebrated and so will this day!

Happy Heartversary my Prince!

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Let me introduce you to Amauri!

Amauri is a rough, tough, spunky little boy! His favorite person by far is his big sister Amariah and today July 1, 2020, he is 1 year old! The day I brought you into this world you brought me instant joy, instant completeness, but also instant worry. Amauri was diagnosed in utero with hypoplastic right heart, tricuspid atresia, transposition of the great arteries, aortic arch hyperplasia, and ventricular septal defect.

We were told that you were safer in utero than outside in the world.

We’ve been through 2 open heart surgeries, 3 catheterizations (two of which were emergent for blood clots), 1 emergency surgery for necrotizing enterocolitis that showed on no tests, yet here we are standing strong at one-year-old. My son is the strongest boy I know and I am so proud to be his mother. There is no greater love than the love of a parent for their children.

Amauri is my very own superman. I thank God for him every day.

Welcome to our Journey!

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Promised by God: that’s the meaning of his name. God made his promise, all we had to do is watch him work. We left it all in the hands of God. My mother always says "God wouldn’t put you through something knowing you weren’t ready for it."

He had a plan and all we had to do is trust in him.

I would be lying if I said wasn't scared. I was filled with fear going through this process. He was born July 1st, 2019 at St. Joseph Women’s Hospital, but due to his heart condition we didn’t get much time with him initially. He was soon after transferred to the Children's hospital. When I got to see him, I couldn't hold back my tears. Looking at him and thinking "he doesn't deserve to go through everything that he has to go through in the days ahead."

Preparing myself to be there for him for the tough road ahead of us, I had faith that everything would be ok. Our family and friends prayed for us. In another post I'll give you details on what we went through and how I dealt with his surgeries and the things that came with it.

Fast forward. It's July 1st, 2020 I’m so ready to sing Happy Birthday to you! This day will be unforgettable! Happy Birthday my handsome Prince Amauri, Dada loves you so much!

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