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Heart to CHD Heart is a online community aimed at helping people understand that there can be a fulfilling, rewarding life after heart disease diagnosis.  We share our experiences including lifestyle changes, depression, recovery, and treatment.


My name is Ahlia and I (along with my husband Pete) are the founders/creators ​of Heart to CHD Heart. We wanted to create a safe space where not only mothers, but fathers were also included in the process.


Heart to CHD Heart is a place where individuals can learn about congenital heart defects. We are a place where individuals diagnosed with CHD can obtain positive information. We are a place that gives back to others who are experiencing what we once experienced when we too received our diagnosis.


Whether you are here to just read the blog, seek advice or are even looking to collaborate we hope that being here helps you find peace on this journey. 


Currently, we are organizing a donation to St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital. Our donations are focused on fathers who so often get lost in this entire process of birth heart surgery and recovery. After having a heart warrior of our own,  we noticed an overwhelming amount of gifts donated to the hospital for mom and baby. Eight weeks and every single item we received was given to me!  My husband, who was very much involved in every day care, visits, etc. received absolutely nothing! Our goal is to change that. Dads deserve to have their involvement acknowledged and we would like to ensure that this takes place. Every donation made to our site will go towards our goal of including fathers, and in the near future siblings.

Morale and 


Morale and welfare is essential to the resilience of not only the CHD family, but any family.  When well-being is a priority, families are strong.



Parks, open spaces and trails can play a key role in the psychological health of you and your family. Recreation benefits our health.



Restorative therapy is designed to improve your mobility. It can be much easier to function when you are able to get around safely.



What We Do
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